I am a daredevil photographer who scales ledges and runs a 5-minute mile to get a shot. Jake is the calm, cool and collected type who makes sure your tie is straight and your rings are shining. Together, we love making photographs almost as much as we love each other!

We find ourselves humbled that our passion for photography is one that allows us to spend time with wonderful people who welcome us into their lives. We strive to return that honor by creating classic and gorgeous photography that’s just a bit epic, and 100% you.

We know how difficult it can be to choose someone to not only be a part of your special day, but to be in charge of creating beautiful and ‘true-to-you’ memories. That’s why our lifestyle/editorial brand of photography is edited completely by us – because you deserve more than a filter. You deserve to be beautifully unfiltered you.

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Ketty A.

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"She was just great, she enjoyed what she was doing and it showed! I would choose her again!!!"

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